no design yet!

  1. 3.   Once we align with you on the target experience


        we create,

        we design,

        we develop

the narrative is translated into space. we develop the architecture and the interiors, source and design furniture and all elements to bring the story to life. -like a set design to a theater play. at the end of this process you will receive a full set of architectural and millwork drawings as well as a “source book” containing all items in play with purchase information.

  1. 4.   we won’t leave you alone until it’s done.

       we lead,

       we manage,

       we value-engineer

we help you find and choose the right contractor and fabricator for the job. we advise and supervise them along the way to ensure the vision we established together with you is not compromised by them. we review their fabrication drawings, look at prototypes and review their prices with you. we manage their schedules and installations and we decide when they are really “finished” with the work, until everything is in place the way we imagined it with you.

...and if you let us, we will organize a professional photoshoot and we will talk about you and your new project to the right people - to make it popular. that way it is a win to all of us.

by the way, here is how the project in the narrative turned out:

Dermapure is a networks of clinics for non aesthetic medicine in Canada specializing in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

omni//form rebranded Dermapure together with FunctionalLab advanced nutricosmetic & cosmoceutical products as a combined retail and service offering in their latest clinic in Quebec City.

© omni//form, 2016


this process also applies to residential projects, with the difference that you are the client & the customer!